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"Go Far is a non-competitive daily fitness and wellness program that encourages healthy exercise and diet... During recess, students run or walk laps and have their mileage recorded by a mentoring adult."

Early GoFar Web Site
courtesy of Jen Shulten



Please visit the official GoFar website. There you'll find current information about this wonderful program.

When my son was younger, I enjoyed volunteering for this program. It was great being at his school every week, witnessing first-hand the pride and joy that the kids experienced as they participated. I created some graphics that we printed and hung around the school gymnasium to mark the running milestones.

Each time a child reached a milestone, a special certificate with his or her name was created and prouldy displayed. By the end of the school year, our gym was completely encircled with these visual reminders of their miles.

These graphics are no longer used in our program but I made them available online so that other volunteers could print them if they wished.

They are intended to excite and inspire our kids to participate in this terrific program. Please feel free to use them but note that they are not for any commercial or for-profit use.

Downloadable Printables

Boy Sneaker certificates (1-6 marathon pdf's in zip file: 14.7 MB)

Girl Sneaker certificates (1-6 marathon pdf's in zip file: 11.8 MB)

Downloadable Printables

Calendar & Charms (multiple pdf's in zip file: 6.78 MB)

Starting Banner (one pdf to be printed across multiple sheets in zip file: 19 MB)

Stars (multiple jpg's in zip file: 12.8 MB)

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