RSD 13 - Visiting Artist

2008 One World Celebration at Brewster - Pysanka

In May of 2008, I was invited to share my pysanka with the first graders as part of Brewster's One World Celebration in their MAGIC progam (Music & Art Grow in Children integrated art program).

I presented the techniques of making pysanky and then passed around the tools and finished eggs so that each child could touch and experience these little treasures for themselves.

After the presentation, the children made their own eggs which were then displayed at the annual art show. The children were amazing and their eggs were wonderful! Ruth Beames, the fabulously creative art teacher at Brewster, came up with a modified egg technique that was safe for little hands. Here are some pictures from the show:



Flickr link to this slide set


screenshot at brewster

Screenshot of the Cultural Programs page from 2008



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