Digital Photo Manipulation

Digital Paintings

I used to paint with real media, but I enjoy the freedom of digital media so much more. Here are some examples of my digital paintings.

I made this little flower in an Illustrator class several years ago... I've used it as an avitar since.

Photo Restorations

Although I don't do many restorations anymore, here are some examples of my restoration work.

It was through a photo restoration of Colonel Cahill that I became involved with the Ninth Regiment.


  • Colonial House Colonial House Digital Painting
  • Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart Digital Painting
  • Wedding Portrait Wedding Portrait Restoration
  • Portrait of a Young Woman Restoration Portrait of a Young Woman
  • Warriors Warriors Restoration
  • Mikey Mikey Digital Painting
  • Iris Iris Digital Painting
  • Bait Bait Digital Painting


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