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Still trying to figure out how best to organize these pages...

The links to the left...

...projects that have developed over time and thus have larger portions of my site.

These all have sub-pages with additional right side navigational links...

these include:

  • Connecticut Monument at Vicksburg National Miliitary Park

  • Photo Manipulation and Digital Artwork

  • Sophie's Growing Puppy Pages

  • Arts & Crafts (non-digital art)

  • Things that I've done as a volunteer in our school district

The links to the right...

...projects that only have one page or otherwise don't quite fit into my site's organizational plan.

Some will be cross-linked with the bigger categories on the left...

these include (or will include):

  • Connecicut Monument at Vicksburg

  • Connecicut Construction Guidelilnes

  • Photos to share with friends & family

  • Resources (links that I am finding are helpful to me in making my web site)


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