Photo Manipulation - Photo Restoration


Fearless Trio

A restoration of an image scanned from a slide. The original photo was taken in the early 1970's and aside from being backlit, had darkened considerably. Unimportant background distractions were also removed during the restoration.

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Portrait Restoration

I did this restoration for Operation Photo Rescue. If you do restorations yourself, please consider donating your talents to this very worthwhile organization.

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Wedding Portrait

This restoration was done from two scanned images of one damaged photo. (The original was too big to fit on my scanner!) The new background is actually the same area, just taken at a more deliberate time.

By the way, this is my sweetheart and me, taken over 20 years ago! Obviously, I didn't take the bridal portrait, (but I did take the photo of The River in the background.) When I contacted the photographer to get a re-print, they were unable to provide one in the original size... So, I decided to restore it myself and as usual, once I started tinkering, just HAD to make some improvements... I like my restoration better than the original!

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