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I was a young teenager when I painted this for my father. It is still one of my favorites. (Watercolor, 1981)


I copied this from the cover of an instruction book trying to teach myself how to paint landscapes. (Watercolor, 1982)


Went through a floorcloth and celtic knot phase around the same time... This is my design. (Acrylic, Latex, Ink, Polyurethane)


I loved the wallpaper below the chair-rail in my dining room, but didn't like any of the coordinating wallpaper choices. Thought it'd be fun to paint it myself. The pics don't show the colors accurately but I was very pleased with the end result. (Latex. It's a combination of techniques: leathering, sponging, stipling and experimentation. Except for the colors, I had no plan when I started it -- decided to finish when I liked how it looked.)


I started this mural around 2000 and got distracted by other projects. I was trying to limit my paint palatte using a color theory that intrigued me... We've sort of grown accustomed to it's unfinished state... In a nutshell, it's a mishmash of all the homes that we have lived in over the years and wraps around a tiny 3'x3' bathroom. (Acrylic}


Our attic is half playroom, half storage. I thought it'd be fun to paint the boring floor playmat style. We spent a lot of hours with HotWheels, army guys, Brio, etc... up here. (Oil based exterior deck paint, acrylics, glitter, varnish, 2003)

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