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which happens to be under construction...

What's the point of Casual Clicks?

Casual Clicks began in 2006 as a home business in photo restoration and has since evolved to include several other forms of digital image manipulation.

I found myself involved in a couple of large projects which essentially changed the course of Casual Clicks as a business. While I still do restorations, I find myself busy with all sorts of projects involving graphics, book design and other forms of digital manipulation, mostly for non-profit organizations.

As I re-write my web site, I will place examples of restorations, digital manipulations as well as samples from the various projects in which I have been involved.

What's going to be here?

As many of you know, I've wanted to learn Dreamweaver for the past few years... My old site had become disorganized, unruly, was completely table-based... a mess...

I'm learning this program now and so am applying the skills as I learn them, to my site...

Please accept my apologies for the "under construction" pages... I'm a "one person shop..."

Here's what mostly complete:

  • Connecticut Monument pages (more of these pages to come)
  • the About pages
  • the Contact page
  • the Growing Puppy pages
  • the Privacy page
  • the RSD13 pages

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